The Civilian Review and Complaints Commission for the RCMP’s 2024-25 Departmental plan at a glance

A departmental plan describes a department's priorities, plans and associated costs for the upcoming three fiscal years.

  • Vision, mission, raison d'être and operating context
  • Minister's mandate letter

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Key priorities

  • Strengthening the public complaint process
  • Strengthening the investigative and strategic review capacity
  • Increasing outreach, public education and engagement efforts

Refocusing Government Spending

In Budget 2023, the government committed to reducing spending by $14.1 billion over the next five years, starting in 2023–24, and by $4.1 billion annually after that.

Given that the budget of the Civilian Review and Complaints Commission for the RCMP (CRCC) is below the specified budget threshold for the spending reduction exercise, the CRCC will nonetheless respect the spirit of this exercise by identifying and maximizing opportunities to improve how the CRCC operates in implementing programs and delivering services for Canadians in an increasingly digital environment while being fiscally responsible.

The figures in this departmental plan reflect this direction.


A Departmental Results Framework consists of an organization's core responsibilities, the results it plans to achieve, and the performance indicators that measure progress toward these results.

Independent Review of the RCMP

Departmental results:

  • Public complaints dealt with in a timely manner
  • Public interest investigations and reviews of specified RCMP activities conducted in a timely manner
  • Increased public awareness of and confidence in the CRCC

Planned spending: $10,581,686

Planned human resources: 77

The CRCC will continue to deliver a robust complaint process and conduct reviews and investigations to hold the RCMP accountable for the conduct of its members the and the activities of the Force. In doing so, the CRCC aims to increase public trust in both the complaint process and the RCMP.

More information about Independent Review of the RCMP can be found in the full departmental plan.

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